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Balanced Diets, Vitamins

I don't need to add a lot about vitamins, there is a band of people out there that will tell you that our human food contains no vitamins at all, and they need to be added.

The truth is they are misinformed, commercial foods are boiled up so much they don't contain any vitamins, so they have to be added later.

Human foods are full of all the vitamins your West Highland White Terrier will need, you don't need to regularly add extra. Like us humans we sometimes need extra vitamins when we are ill, perhaps a cold, recovering from some other illness? Same for your Westie, yes you can give some multi vitamins or evening primrose capsules or cod liver oil capsules.

Low quantities wont hurt, but don't go mad with these things, they could make your West Highland White Terrier ill. Lactol (Powdered Milk is good)

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